Golden Leaves (2-3 recorder)

Leibold, Roland
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Golden Leaves

Scores for 2-3 same instruments

Score with guitar chords and additional voice recorder

With CD, can also be used as a Playback

  1. Conemara (Leibold)
  2. Over The Hills (Leibold)
  3. Last Rose Of Summer (Trad./Arr.Leibold)
  4. Sheebag And Sheemore (Trad /Arr.Leibold)
  5. Piper´s Dance (Leibold)
  6. Hit And Miss (J. Playford/Arr.Leibold)
  7. Golden Leaves (Leibold)
  8. Rosie´s Dance (Trad. England/Arr.Leibold)
  9. Donegal (Leibold)
10. Dawn 

The "Golden Leaves" bring landscapes and moods of the Green Isles to the blades.
Flute (s) and guitar tell stories with enchanting melodies and dance to the traditional folk music of Ireland and Scotland.
From a simple flute duo - guitar up to the larger occupation offer with the "Golden Leaves" variety of possibilities.
Here, recorder, flute, violin, etc., are, used - eg in a mixed group game.
Together music while Live: The experience joy and fun
to the "Golden Leaves" will contribute in a special way.



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