Estonian Organ Music Vol. 2 (Download)

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Andres Uibo (organ) / Jueri Leiten (trumpet)
Urmas Sisask (Shaman drum, Didgeridoo)
Madis Metsamart (Percussion)

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Erkki-Sven Tueuer (*1958) Spectrum II  
for trumpet, organ and percussion

Urmas Sisask (*1960) æ-GEMINORUM  KASTOR
Symphony for organ in four parts
   I     Fantasia      
   II    Cantilene     
   III   Intermezzo     
   IV   Ostinato con finale  
Urmas Sisask (*1960) URANUS.  
Symphony in five parts for trumpet and organ
(Shaman drum, didgeridoo  ad lib.)

   I     Ariel        
   II    Umbriel     
   III   Titania    
   IV   Oberon    
   V    Miranda      

Eres Estonia Edition

Duration: 49:35 min

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