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Dreamtime on Piano Vol. 1 (DOWNLOAD)

Collmann-Witheridge, Gina
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DREAMTIME on piano Vol. 1

Cycle of moodful compositions for piano inculded mp3


  1.  Melancholie im 3/4-Takt  
  2.  Traumzeit      
  3.  Lichtspiele    
  4.  In aller Stille   
  5.  Vorfreude    
  6.  Shalom    
  7.  Impression   
  8.  Komm zurück   
  9.  Zur Nacht   
10.  Ausklang    

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ISMN 979-0-2024-2891-7

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Melancholy in ¾ Time
A lilting waltz tempo slightly as he could be heard from far away on the banks of the Seine. A little melancholy, especially in the middle part a little wistfully ...

This melodious piece is my most dear, after I named him the whole cycle. Dreamtime - a profound concept of Aboriginal Australians - contains so much wisdom, faith and mysticism ... I have the composition John Jee dedicated (a family friend of my Australian husband), who on 24 July 2006, a few months after heart transplantation, died in Sydney. He was only 20 years old. John died just at the time when I wrote this music 18000 km away. She pushes his "road to paradise" from, lulled by the gentle ocean surf 'the lower voice, at first hesitant, then more freely floating, finally without pain, without fear, redeemed ...

Light Games
A lively interplay between major and minor; dancing sunbeams, sometimes briefly covered by small clouds ... light and shadows that play together ...

This peaceful, quiet piece is inspired by the steady beat of the human heart. I wrote it for my husband Leon, who is now finally on the road to recovery after two serious heart operations. "Silently" is sort of a plea to his heart to keep beating quietly and reliably in this steady beat.

This piece requires hardly a statement: butterflies in the stomach, high-spirited excitement in front of a beautiful event, a non - wait - can, until it is finally here, "blessed wobble" in the quieter middle section, each other's arms race in the end .. Happy. end ...
I've written just after I had booked my ticket for my next stay in Australia with Leon ...

On the other hand sometimes nestle full of oriental sound elements that clearly and dominantly take the lead in the first part in the middle part a little 'hidden' in the polyphonic lower voice with familiar Western waltzes. The beginning is vaguely reminiscent of "Hava Nagila", and so I have the Israel composition associated with the hope of a long-awaited peace there. Shalom!

Inspired by C. Debussy's "Arabesque" in E-flat major, I wrote this piece, which is based on impressionistic harmony and rhythm elements; MollSeptimakkorde, "added sixth ajoutée" and the steady rhythmic opposition 'of the triplets and duplets give a sound, the slightly blurred and shimmering effect and deliberately avoided sharp contours.

Come back ...
A rather dreamed as danced tango, more a reminder of times past, youth, a long lost love ... Full of sweet sadness and longing, tender sad, but certainly not resigned or hopeless ... Come back!
(Note on interpretation: The many typical tango syncopation> eighth-quarter-eighth 'that run in the melody through the entire piece, I play in my recording conscious almost always as quarter-note triplets, which, although in combination with the lower voice is rhythmically somewhat more difficult, but the piece adds softness and dreaminess., it is up to the players, between this and the free-listed, that is, to choose tighter 'version.)

For night
The last hour between day and dream of all the bustle and hustle of at the end tending day fade away slowly ... leaning Lean back 'sounds a simple, peaceful melody, a chorale-like lullaby in something more agitated middle section before the first fluttering dream-veil suggests ...
This little musical journey ends through the world of human emotions: A peaceful, almost conciliatory 'melody, to which dazugesellt polyphonic a second voice for a few moments, the whole harmonious gently carried by the lower voice too quiet and "unvirtuos" held now. is final dream-time ...


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