Men's Songs (Männerchor)

Tormis, Veljo
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Men´s Songs

Noten Männerchor von Veljo Tormis

10 estonian folksongs 
Estonian national musical expression is based on runosongs, an age-old traditional song repertoire dating back to thousand years. Mainly protective and location-devoted girls and women, who have passed it down to our times, maintained this music. These songs are sometimes called women's songs. The men, on the other hand, have always been more mobile, and traveled around either as seafarers or warriors. From distant lands they brought back differen, newer tunes and other topics to sing about. This cycle presents such men's songs, a repertoire already a hundred years old.

Meestelaulud I / Men's Songs I
1. Meeste laul (Men's Song)
2. Ehalkäimise-laul (Bundling Song)
3. Kosjalaul (Betrothal Visit Song)
4. Viinalaul (Drinking Song )
5. Türgi sõja laul (Song of the Turkish War)

Meestelaulud II / Men's Songs II
6. Meremehe-laul (Sailor's Song)
7. Teomehe-laul (Serf's Song)
8. Tantsulaul (Dancing Song)
9. Lorilaul (Bawdy Song)
10.Ümberküla-laul (Village Song)

Size A4. 36 pages
Text arranged by P.-E.Rummo
Translated by Kristin Kuutma



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