Modern & traditional folksongs for ukulele-solo 111

Langstroff, Robert
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Modern and traditional folksong for ukulele

plus CD
Complete recording (Ukulele [g,c,e,a] and guitar)
and playback (guitar).


The ukulele is a musical instrument with a history of over 100 years and predominantly from Polynesian traditions.
It is a wonderful instrument for accompaniment, with a clear, light sound, and yet there is much more to it than that. The aim of this small book is to show the possibilities open to the ambitious player for eliciting melodies and tones of lovely beauty from this small instrument.
I am not only a musician and composer, but also a trained music teacher (state examinations), and have taught for many years at music schools in Hessen.
My many years of experience as a guitar and ukulele teacher necessitated doing justice to the possibilities of this instrument. I have written these little songs for this purpose.
Happy music making.

Robert Langstroff

  1. Ulili E   [Traditional]                 
  2. Vagabond   [Robert Langstroff ]            
  3. Plenty of Dreams  [Robert Langstroff]             
  4. Silver Pheasant    [Robert Langstroff
  5. Plains of Waimea   [Robert Langstroff
  6. Dirty old Town  [Traditional]               
  7. Emma le' me 'lone   [Traditional]               
  8. Coming in from the Cold   [Robert Langstroff]
  9. Ku'u Ipo Ka He'e Pu'eone  [Traditional]               
10. Little dreaming Marmot   [Robert Langstroff]           
11. Lion Heart   [Traditional]               
12. Little River of Arirang   [Robert Langstroff]           
13. Shadow of the Stars  [Robert Langstroff]           
14. Strumming Train   [Traditional]               
15. Sugar Blade   [Robert Langstroff]           
16. The forgotten Jew's Harp     [Robert Langstroff]           
17. The Wreck of 'John B.'    [Traditional]               
18. Time for Man go home   [Traditional]               
19. Delta Blues    [Robert Langstroff]           
20. Green Onions   [Robert Langstroff]           
21. Lokelani   [Robert Langstroff]           
22. Prisma      [Robert Langstroff]           
23. The Flight of the Dolphin  
[Robert Langstroff]


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