Sonata No. 1 (violin, piano) 111

Põldmäe, Alo
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Sonata No. 1

by Alo Põldmäe

Anyone who wants to master Alo Pöldmäe's violin sonata should begin with the middle movement. The symmetrically constructed Andante, which is just thirty five bars long. With its harmonicaliy softly hazy mood and sequential melodies characterized by melancholy desconding interuals, the movement is direct und touching. The Andante is, moreover, technically straightforward for both performers and thus especially rewarding.

The subtitle of Pöldmäe's sonata is "Pühjärve panoraam" or roughly "Panorama qf' Saints' Lake". In tackling the two outer movements it may be useful to take advantage of their descriptivenees. The musical scenery of tltefirst part of the sonata is characterized by contrasts. Starting with the piano's E (on the line just below the bass clef), the beginning represents a state of quietude from which hesitant motion emerges and develops into series of ascending trilis which form an airy canopy above the stillness below. AIl ( of this leads up to a rocking quarter-eighth-note theme which recurs ouerandouerin numerous uariations, continuing in this fäshion all the wag to its quiet conclusion.
The alternation of two eighth-notes with a quarter-note in what might be called an undulating motion characterizes the last movement and also links it to the first part of the sonata. Infact, this small-scale motion is also directed at open spaces and quietude; it flows into a broad cantabile Maestoso that ultimately loses itself in delicate pizzicato repetitions whose metrical relationships can scarcely be discerned.

Manfred Züghart

Eres Estonia Edition
Estonian Music
Music from Estonia

ISMN 979-0-2024-2008-9

This pieces has been played at Suure-Jaani-Festivals.

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