London Bridge (piano)

Rosteck, Oliver
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London Bridge Pianopart
for Songbook English Is So Easy

"English spoken songs" for children 8 years

Aiken Drum (Trad.)    
A Tiny Little Man ("Ein Männlein steht in Walde" /Trad.)
English Is So Easy  (R. & R. Bartel aus "School' cool")    
Good Morning  (Großbritannien/Trad.)  
If You're Happy  (USA / Trad.)  
London Bridge (Großbritannien/Trad.)  
Green, Green (Grün, grün, grün sind.../Trad.)
The Orchestra (Großbritannien/Trad.)  
Rainbow-Song (Trad.)   
It's Springtime ("Im Märzen der Bauer" / Trad.)
Sunny Morning (Großbritannien/Trad.)  
This Old Man (Großbritannien/Trad.)  
There's A Hole In My Bucket (Ein Loch ist im.../Trad.)  
The Bell Does Toll (Großbritannien/Trad.)
The Bear Went Over The Mountain (Großb.. /Trad.)
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star (Frankreich / Trad.)
The Animals Went In Two By Two (Großbritannien/Trad.)  
The Little Eskimo (Großbritannien/Trad.)
The Navajo (USA / Trad.)   
What Is The Instrument You Play?  (Frankr. / Trad.)

The song material is published in three different editions, because the requirements of the school and also the possibilities of educators are very different.

The piano sets "London Bridge", there is also:

English Is So Easy

Songbook with CD playback (piano sets)
eres 2241

The Orchestra
Orff accompaniment sets the songbook of Wilhelm A.Torkel
Game scores in the variants with and without note names plus demo CD
eres 2243

ISMN 979-0-2024-2242-7

All three issues can be combined with each other,
are thus in school life used anywhere!


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