Zodiak (piano) 111

Sisask, Urmas
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cycle for piano

Our modern constellations are derived from a list of 48 figures (nowadays 88, including those of the southern hemisphere), that was compiled by the Greek astronomer Ptolemy around 150 A.D. Many of Ptolemy's descriptions have, in fact, their origins in constellations which were formed around the eastern Mediterranean thousands of years ago and observed by the stargazers of ancient Sumeria and Egypt. In the course of a year, the sun appears to traverse twelve constellations in the night sky. They flank the sun's path, the " ecliptic", and were called the "zodiac" by the ancients. Thus the sun followed by the moon and the planets, which move in the same ecliptic plane and so traverse the same constellations, appears to traverse one constellation of the cycle each month. The positions of the sun and the planets within the zodiac form the basis of astrology, that is, of "the lore of the influence of the stars" on events in the lives of human beings and thus serve as the starting point for the construction of horoscopes.
The present cycle of twelve piano pieces reflects in no way the opinions described above; the subtitles of the individual pieces simply refer to them. The composers whose names are listed with each piece were born under the corresponding sign of the zodiac.
This entire piano cycle by the Estonian composer Urmas Sisask was written as the result of an astrological vision.

Dieter Gerdes

Eres Estonia Edition
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ISMN 979-0-2024-2180-2


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