Estonian Organ Music Vol. I 111

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CD Estonian Organ Music Vol. 1

performed by Andres Uibo

Arvo Paert  Annum per annum   
Peeter Sueda  Prelude and Fugue g-minor
Peeter Sueda  Ave Maria-Variations    
Erkki-Sven Tueuer  Spectrum I     
Edgar Arro  Five Estonian Folksongs 
   Edition III Nr.25
   Edition IV Nr.31
   Edition V Nr. 41
   Edition VI Nr.54
   Edition II Nr.19
Ester Maegi  Dialog, Prelude with choral 
Igor Garshnek  Three Conditions    
Andres Uibo  Three Choralmeditations    
Rudolf Tobias Fugue d-minor

Duration 70:36 min.


ESTONIAN ORGAN MUSIC. Andres Uibo, organ. Eres CD-03 [DDD]; 70:32. Produced by Priit Kuulberg ([Arvo Pärt: Annum per annum; Peeter Süda: Prelude und Fugue in g; Ave Maria; Erkki-Sven Tüür: Spectrum I (1989); Edgar Arro: Five Estonian Folktunes; Ester Mägi: Dialogue/Prelude with Chorale; Igor Garshnek: Three Conditions; Andres Uibo: Three Chorale Meditations; Rudolf Tobias: Fugue in d.] Recorded in the resonant St. Nicholas Church in Tallinn, this album provides a concise overview of Estonian organ composers and their work, casting light in a virtually unknown corner of the organ world. Pärt's mystical minimalism is but one of many flavors. You hear his influence in the pieces by Tüür (b. 1959) and Uibo (b.1956). Garshnek (b.1958) draws from several modern styles, with varying success. In a fun game of "name that influeuce," Süda (1883-1920) both borrows from and honors Bach in a powerfully charged post-Romantic Prelude and Fugue, and you could imagine a choral/organ version of the luminous Ave Maria, a touching, dignified prayer. Ester Mägi (b.1922), "First Lady" of Estonian music, writes a dramatically intense, folk inspired tonal tapestry. Arro's (1911-78) imaginative and appealing folk arrangements (of which there appear to be several dozen) remind one of Bartok, though the comparison is meant as a compliment. The Tobias (1873-1918) Fugue proves every bit as adept as some of Reger's less prolix virtuoso works, and caps a collection definitely worth your own sniff-test. If you really want to dig in, most scores are available from Eres Edition, Musikverlag, P.O. Box 1220, D-28859 Lilienthal/Bremen.

(The American Organist March 1999)

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