Trivium (flute, violin and guitar) 111

Eespere, René
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for flute, violin and guitar

The score, entirely deuoid of sharps and flats, represents music in a fresh, unspoiled idiom that turns the perception of tonality into a new experience for performers and listeners alike. The tonal diatonicism of the sometimes archaic linear form radiates a delicately colored transparent sound pattern with a bright aura. The effect is old and new at the same time. The uery sensuous appeal of Eespere's "Triuium" is quite different from the appeal of, for example, the robust, busy kinetics of the

1 9 2 0s and 1 9 3 0s, as mach of the instrumental music of the youthfully enthusiastic composers of those days might be called. Various combinations of instruments enter into dialogues, and the performers make their way through certain passages in heterophonic three-way conuersations ("triuium", Lat., literally means "a three fold path" or "ajourney undertaken by three persons"), simultaneously played repetitions of linear patterns which giue rise to a whole that, like a constantly changing musical kaleidoscope, floats up weightless as if it were being improuised. Limited to a single diatonic scale, the tonal material of this piece has afocussing effect; listening, one is cautiously introduced to the elementary experience of musicalized time. This is "simple" music in the original and best sense of the word, music such as can be formulated oniy after reflection on the process of composing and experience with more complicated structures and theatrics.
"Trivium" can be recommended to all ensembles that want to know what lies beyond the well-trodden path of standard repertory; this music is technically unproblematic and at the same time so rewarding that no forcefulrecommendation, instructionsheet, orideologies are necessary. It is enueloped in a watercolor-like transparency that has become uery rare and thus all the more fascinating and refreshing; it wants no less and no more than to be heard, and that is preciseiy the point of it all.

Michael Töpel

Eres Estonia Edition
Estonian Music
Music from Estonia

 ISMN 979-0-2024-2164-2

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