Nine Spices (clarinet)

Leslie, Andrew
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Sheet music "Nine spices"

Miniatures for solo clarinet by Andrew Leslie

1   Cardamom
2   Aniseed
3   Coriander
4   Allspice
5   Fennel
6   Nutmeg
7   Clove
8   Cinnamon
9   Ginger


These “Nine Spices” may serve to enrich the sparse repertoire of works for solo clarinet in diatonic harmony for ' easy listening '. They are ideally suited both as a musical accompaniment to art exhibitions and poetry readings and as instructional material to illustrate the various aspects of clarinet playing.

The suggested bongo accompaniment for the last few measures of Clove may be supplemented by one or two further discreet applications of percussion instruments, e.g. the brief use of a rainstick at the end of Allspice or a triangle stroke at the beginning of measure 5 of Ginger.

Prescription of a particular clarinet (B flat, A, bass etc.) has been deliberately avoided, and the individual pieces may be performed in any combination and order.

Cordially dedicated to the Bittel-Groß Family and the Rev. Richard Autenrieth

Andrew Leslie

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