Concerto For Violin (Orchestra) 111

Goldmark, Karl
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Violin Concert No. 1

for Orchestra by Karl Goldmark.


Score and the voices material Rental, therefore not available for purchase.

I. Allegro moderato
II. Air: Andante
III. Moderato -Allegretto

The Violin Concerto in A minor op.28 is often found in the musical tradition of Mendelssohn and Spohr. Already the first sentence reveals his switch between lyrical arabesques and simple melody Goldmark's lyrical talent, the second sentence. "Air". begins with meditative seriousness, the soloist begins on a gentle orchestral introduction with a melody that is largely based on the musical idiom Mendelssohn. A short orchestral conduction opened the last sentence, which offers sufficient space for the development of virtuoso soloists. This violin concerto experienced after 1 9 4 5 a great popularity. During the Nazi period, it was to play in Germany banned because Goldmark was a Jew. We have always used us for this powerful late-romantic works and are therefore particularly happy about the great worldwide acclaim. It gave them numerous radio broadcasts and several recordings are available on CD.

A version for violin with piano accompaniment is also been published by Eres.

Instrumentation: - timpani. Strings
Auff.-Duration: 35'00 min.

The performance material is available on hire 9009.9 under the publisher's number eres

Concert Date: 8th and 9th November. 2 0 0 7
Venue: Turku Concert Hall
Orchestra: Turku Philharmonic Orchestra
Conductor: Juha Kangas
Soloist: Vilmos Szabadi




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