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Packeiser, F. & Rademaker, D.
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Dances from Ireland and England

for Recorder, Guitar (Ukulele, Tenor-Banjo), Irish hand drum bodhràn.

A popular performance practice is the concatenation of several dances to a kind of suite. The melodies can be quite played by several players on various instruments (such as tin whistle, recorder, flute, accordion, banjo, bouzouki, mandolin).
With fingering chart for recorder, tips and handle images to play the ukulele, guitar tips...

Drops Of Brandy
Down By The Sally Gardens
Kildare Fancy
The Reconciliation
Cowboy´s Reel
Nell Flaherty´s Drake
The Humors Of Bantry
Joe Cant´s Reel
Tie The Bonnet
Hide And Go Seek
Lannigan´s Ball
The Maid On The Green
Guide Man Of  Ballangigh
Fox Hunter´s Jig
Walter Bulmer´s
Dorset 4-Hand Reel
Jenny Lind
La Russe
The Cock Of The North
Jimmy Allen
Dingle´s Regatta
Blarney Pilgrim


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