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Packeiser, F. & Rademaker, D.
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Hits from Ireland 2

Dances from Ireland

for Recorder, Guitar (or tenor banjo), as opposed to Vol. 1 with a slightly higher level of performance. For this, the Irish hand drum bodhràn.
A popular performance practice is the concatenation of several dances to a kind of suite. The tunes can certainly be played by several players on various instruments.

Miss Stewart Grantully (Strathspey)
Miss Stewart Grantully (Reel)
The Fyket (Strathspey)
The Fyket (Reel)
The Soldiers Joy (Jig)
Jack A`Tar (Hornpipe)
The Irish Washerwoman (Jig)
The New Rigged Ship ( Jig)
Miss Annie Mackinnon (Reel)
Glennlyon´s Piper (Reel)
There Came A Young Man (Jig)
Wellington´s Adrance (Jig)
The Mug Of Brown Ale (Jig)
Fairy Lullaby (Waltz)
The Red Lark (Waltz)
The Tennpenny Bit (Double Jig)
The Rakes Of Kildare (Double Jig)
The Lark In The Morning (Double Jig )
The Monaghan Jig (Double Jig)
The Fairy Dance (Double Jig)
The Drunken Piper (DoubleReel)
Drowsy Maggie (Double Reel)
Radstock Jig (Jig)
King Of The Fairies (Reel)
Blodau´r Drain (Waltz)
Old Noll´s Jig (Jig)
Scartaglen (Polka)
Morrison´s Jig (Jig)
The Rocky Road To Dublin (Triple Jig)
Hardiman The Fiddler (Triple Jig)

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