Bis an sein höchsten Bord (Cantata)

Tripp, Hartmut
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Bis an sein höchsten Bord


Score and parts (violin 1, violin 2, viola, violoncello)

Rezitativ (Wir lesen bei Jesaja Neun)
Choral ( Brich an. o schönes Morgenlicht)
Rezitativ (Und hören bei Jesaja Elf)
Choral ( Es ist ein Ros´ entsprungen)
Rezitativ (Und wieder bei Jesaja Neun)
Zwischenmusik (Pastorale)
Rezitativ ( Aus der Verheissung wurde das...)Arioso ( Und es breitete sich aus)
Choral (Dies ist der Tag. den Gott gemacht)
Rezitativ (Und all. vor die es kam)
Schlusschor (Es kommt ein Schiff geladen)


This Advent music is a contemporary cantata with a performance period of 20 minutes. It is based on the ancient Advent hymn "It is a ship loaded". Daniel Sudermann during the 30 years war (1 6 2 6) re-wrote the lyrics for a song Marie (Cologne 1 6 0 8) in Strasbourg. It is the "message". which is the people already over "years. decades. underte year. concerning children. grandchildren and generations," proclaimed and announced in Advent. - The always experienced from new Christmas story. although it is never new.

Although the music sound moves through the use of jazz harmonies in new ways. retained the familiar character of Advent music. especially deliberately three chorale by Johann Sebastian Bach and Michael Praetorius are weaved. in which the instru-ments the choir "colla parte" support.



















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