Dreamtime on Piano Vol. 2 111

Collmann-Witheridge, Gina
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DREAMTIME on piano Vol. 2

Cycle of moodful compositions for piano inculded CD

11.  Blue Barcarolle   
12.  Zigeunerliebe  (Gypsy Love)
13.  Sylvester-Mazurka  (New Years Mazurka)
14.  Lullaby  
15.  Silent Thoughts in the Night 
16.  Unruhiger Traum (Restless Dream)

17.  Morgen  (Morning) 

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Blue Barcarolle
(Good Bye Venice ...)
A final, wistful gondola ride through the canals of Venice, just before the inevitable farewell to the beloved lagoon city ...

Gypsy Love
A moody, almost tragic, Hungarian-sounding theme with three virtuoso variations that are reminiscent of the gifted violin and Zymbalspiel primitive gypsy musicians. I have dedicated this song to my colleague and friend, the Hungarian pianist and orchestra conductor Laszlo domes, which has me very motivated.

New Year's Mazurka
A light-hearted, whimsical little fireworks zest for life, its similarity to one or other of Chopin Mazurka - not least in the typical oriental sounding middle part - is certainly not accidental! I have written it on New Year's Eve 2 0 0 3 for my best friend, the amateur pianist and Chopin lover Heinrich Küdde, without whose support and encouragement I would have never had the courage to publish my compositions.

A gently insinuating lullaby that unfolds both as a solo piano piece as well as an accompaniment to a melting melody, for. Example, for clarinet, flute, oboe or violin, its calming, relaxing effect ...

Silent throughts in the Night
A modern Nocturne in G minor, a piece of sweet melancholy. A quiet, sometimes pleading melody, the tears and comforting combines (- how many of my compositions -).

Restless Dream
A musical image sequence, alternating between rest and excitement, always a bit on the run ', driven by the ever-pressing and rhythmically grinding assembly with normal eighth triplet eighths.

Morning goes by the sadness, the tears will dry tomorrow ... Tomorrow hopes come true, the longing for love and happiness will satisfy ...

Maybe ...

ISMN 979-0-2024-2892-4

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