Perepelita, C.V.
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Piano concert Vol. 2

arranged by C.V. Perepelita

Easy variations from popular piano concerts parts, arranged for piano solo.

Ludwig van Beethoven
Concert for piano and orchestra No 1
C-major Op.15.  3.part
Concert for piano and orchestra No 2
Bb-major Op.19.  3.part
Concert for piano and orchestra No 3
c-minor Op.37  1.a. 3.part
Concert for piano and orchestra No 4
G-major Op.58  2.part
Concert piano and orchestra No 5
Eb-major Op.73 1.-3.part

Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy
Concert for piano and orchestra No.1
 g-minor Op.25  1.part

Robert Schumann
Concert for piano and orchestra a-minor
Op.54  2.part

Even in my childhood, when I was studying piano and went to concerts, I always dreamed of playing the difficult great concertos for piano and orchestra alone at the piano. Later I found that many music lovers have the same desire, and so I began to edit the piano concertos. I have therefore popular phrases and parts of piano concertos selected and edited for two-handed piano to give many the opportunity to play the concerts alone at the piano. To get closer to the music and to better understand the contents of the respective concerts, I gave a short version of a statement on the instrumental concertos, about the life and work of the composer and his influence on the development of the piano concertos. With this I hope. to help music lovers a piece to get ahead in the music. (C.V.P.)


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