Schlag auf Schlag (mixed Choir) 111

Gast, Lothar
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Blow by blow

Rhythmics not only for singing people. (Body percussion)

I. rubbing, beating, do not despair
II. Ludo
III. Rhythm and beat are already dodgy!

These pieces, for singers and instrumentalists, dispense entirely with voices and instruments. They are written for members of choruses or instrumental ensembles who know from experience that singing and playing music is something that involves the whole body. Many music lovers may think it strange to use their own bodies as natural musical instruments, and some will undoubtedly balk at doing so. But every musician, whether amateur or professional, knows how delightful and stimulating it can be to experience rhythm and meter directly on his or her own body.
Chorus members conversant with the "speech pieces" in our catalogue have already taken a good many steps in this direction. "Schlag auf Schlag" is designed to proceed along this same path by offering further training in body awareness as a basis for lively and rewarding music-making.
Before tackling any of these pieces I would recommend trying out a few sections of them first. It will then be easier to master an entire piece with hands and feet.
I was pleased to note how readily and enthusiastically the composer Lothar Gast adopted this idea, and now hope that choruses and other musical ensembles will be motivated to do the same. It is impossible to describe the effect of working with pieces of this sort: the nearest thing to it is a sailing regatta or an exhilarating mountain hike - it "uplifts".

Horst Schubert

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