Mare Balticum (Folk-Ensemble) 111

Brunke, R. & Motog, J.
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Mare Balticum

Around The East-Sea.

Arrangements for Flute(s), Violin, Violoncello, Guitar, Percussion, Vocal ad. lib. 

Kjælaflikkera-turn   (Bornholm/Danmark)  
Schottis   (Sweden)   
Vismelodi   (Gotland)  
Väinämöinens Song   (Finland)  
Kujanen   (Finnland)     
Russian Fantasy   (Russia)  
Wabadiku laul   (Estonia)  
Es zinu se vardi   (Latvian)  
Weit aus fremden Landen   (Lithuania)  
Mazurka   (Poland) 
Kiekbusch   (Germany)  

Whether vocal or instrumental. The main thing in each of the pieces is the melody. To vary the tone colour or for the sake of variety when a piece is repeated, the accompanying parts can be played, alternated, or played as desired. Further charming tone colour effects can be achieved by alternating accompanying parts or by employing single parts. Since chord names are provided throughout, a chord instrument (guitar, accordion, harmonium, or piano) can always be used even though a separate part has not been provided for some of the pieces. Instruments other than those mentioned here may also be used. What matters is the way the music sounds.

Regine Brunke
Jürgen Motog

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