Caribbean Stuff (Edition Eb)

Tripp, Hartmut
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Melodies from south america and the caribic

Play Along with Hartmut Tripp

On the CD you will find a version with melody and a playback version to play along and MIDI-files as well.

The recording of the CD is realized with drums, percussion, guitar, bass, piano and many other sounds

  1. Ophelia Letter Blown Away  (Trinidad)
  2. Cha Cha Ballahoo (Jamaica)
  3. Guantanamera (Cuba)  
  4. Wata Come A Me Y'Eye  (Jamaica)
  5. Come, Missa Tallyman (Jamaica) 
  6. Limbo  (Trinidad)   
  7. Late A Come (Jamaica)    
  8. Velo Que Bonito (Costa Pacifica)   
  9. Moon A Shine (Caribic)    
10. Emma Me L 'One (Karibik)   
11. Janey Girl (Guayana)    
12. Zion Me Waan Go Home  (Carbic)
All Arrangements by Hartmut Tripp


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