Pictures from Tallinn 2 (piano) 111

Kapp, Eugen
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Pictures from Tallinn Vol. 2

by Eugen Kapp

6."Russalka" (2)
In the bay of Tallinn, on the seashore, at the junction of Pirita Street and Narva-Chaussee,stands the Russalka monument, created by A. Adamson (sculptor,  1 8 5 5 - 1 9 2 9).  It was created in 1 9 0 2 as a tribute to the gunboat "Russalka?, which sank in the bay in 1 8 9 3 and is a popular meeting point of the Tallinners.

7. Stream of Hundikuristik  (Stream of Wolf´s Gully)  (8)
Hundikuristiku oja Opposite the bay of Tallinn, behind the Kadriorg park at the Klint slope, there is the so-called "Hundikuristik?, the wolf´s gully.

8. Sprint Rally  (12)
Walking up and down the streets of Tallinn is a real adventure. You experience time and space and have a variety of unforgettable impressions, and very tired feet and legs, not only because of the paving.

9. New Market  (18)
Uus turg
The New Market is behind the Estonia Concert Hall, and is not that new anymore.

10."Tall Hermann"  (28)
 "Pikk Hermann"
 The "Tall Hermann? is a tower about 50 m high, situated on Cathedral Hill. It dates back to the 14th/ 15th century and proudly carries  the national flag of  Estonia - blue, white and black on top. "Tall Hermann" is part of the "Small Castle" of Cathedral Hill, as well as the "Pilsticker Tower" and "Landskrone Tower".  At the outer wall of "Tall Hermann", a dansker can be seen ? one out of four previously existing latrines (which is part of life too).

Tallinn is a wonderful town and passionately takes possession of you. The Lower Town is sizzling with life and on top of Cathedral Hill, you can feel the imprint of a different era in time. Here you take a rest, ponder the atmosphere and realize that you have fallen in love with this town in a mysterious way.
In 1 9 9 7, the Old Town of Tallinn was included in UNESCO?s list of World Heritage Sites. Among the numerous attractions are the Dominican monastery founded in 1 2 4 6, the 600-year-old town hall and the town hall pharmacy, one of the oldest in the world. 26 defence towers and long sections of the town wall have been preserved and the numerous churches are astonishing. The views from the terraces of  Cathedral Hill provide an unforgettable glimpse into the lanes and streets of the town. I have visited Tallinn many times and it makes me feel "at home? whenever I stay there.
In the years 1948 and 1949 Eugen Kapp (1 9 0 8 - 1 9 9 6) composed his piano cycle "Pictures of Tallinn? (Tallinna pildid) which were published in print for the first time in 1 9 5 0 and have not been available for a long time. You are now holding a new edition in your hands.
Booklet 1 (easy pieces) and Booklet 2 (intermediate pieces). I have added photos from my photo inventory to the booklets, which reflect impressions, moods and events. In winter and spring when the trees are without foliage you are provided with different views than in summer, and in this regard Tallinn can always be discovered anew again and again - and now also by means of the piano.
I am sure you have and have had a pleasant stay and I hope you enjoy and have enjoyed watching, playing and listening.
Horst Schubert

Piano music by Eugen Kapp
Music from Estonia

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