Hommage á Gottfried Piefke (flute, clarinet) 111

Balzer, H, Leopold
Product number: eres 1974
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Hommage á Gottfried Piefke

Piece for clarinet and flute

Cheerful duo in the Prussian goose-step, Flute and Clarinet (Bb), twelve-tone technique. The conceptual background of the composition is a relativization uniform thinking and uniformed action, for a winking tolerance as well as a flexible and value-free mental attitude.
In this sense, the title is to be understood. Gottfried Piefke (1 8 1 5 -1 8 8 4) was from 1 8 6 5 director of the entire music choirs of III. Army Corps.

Duration: ca. 7 min

ISMN 979-0-2024-1974-8


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